A Gallic Evening with Muriel Barbery, Antoine Laurain & Jean-Baptiste Andrea


Gallic Books launched 15 years ago with a mission to publish the very best of French into English, and have since gained a reputation for championing books that are brilliant, unique and always enjoyable. With Beyond Words, they are delighted to showcase three of the most exciting and successful authors from their pool: Jean-Baptiste Andrea, screenwriter, director and author of Devils and Saints; Antoine Laurain, international bestselling author of The Red Notebook; and Muriel Barbery, author of the global sensation The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

Join them for a special evening with award-winning journalist Viv Groskop. Together, they'll talk about their latest books, their writing lives and how publishing compares in France and in the UK.

Readings by Félicité du Jeu

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Jean-Baptiste Andréa, Devils and Saints (2022)
Antoine Laurain, An Astronomer in Love (2023)
Muriel Barbery, A Single Rose (2023)
6.30pm La Médiathèque
£9, £7

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